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French bookseller trying to blog in English. Feel free to correct me :)

I particularly like fantasy, SF, Tolkien, Alice in Wonderland & Gaiman.

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Boring post #1 : about

Okay, guess I need to introduce myself :)

I'm 30 years old, and I'm currently working in a very, very small bookshop somewhere in France. I won't name this shop, because most of the time, I think I will complain about it :)


I've always liked reading. I loved to read Garfield in the library when I was a really young girl, I fell in love with Tolkien when I was a teen, and I worship Neil Gaiman since ten years.

My boyfriend is really into Science fiction, and I learned, thanks to him, that SF is not only about spaceships shooting at each other. I read "Ubik" last year, and it was my best reading of 2015.
And sometimes some fiction, like Murakami, or YA (but I think it's harder and harder to find really good YA. The last one was "Incarceron", by Catherine Fisher).

Apart from that, I like tea (especially japanese green tea), and gardening (even if I'm not really good. And my slugs like to eat my radishes ><).


Hope I will have a good time here. I like the social features - the lack of it is the reason I have never opened a blog somewhere else. I'm also trying to write more in English (I can read it well, but speak or write it is harder). So if I make any mistake, feel free to correct me :)