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The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life - Noble Smith

This book is supposed to be a self-help book, based on the daily life of some inhabitants of Middle Earth (because no, it's not only about Hobbits, there is at least one chapter about elves). The advices are simple and obvious. A bit to simple. I've been in the garden all day long (at least, until the storm -_-) and I can tell you that growing tomatoes is not as simple as it is described : if I believe what I read in the book, you just have to, like, throw some seed in your garden and watch it grow. I WISH IT WERE THAT EASY.


I can't help but think that Tolkien would have hated that book. He hated allegories, and there is many of it in the book : Saruman for the industrialization, references to the WWII... But I do believe there ARE allegories in LOTR, so I was not disturbed.

It was fun to read. Because I'm an insatiable reader of Tolkien, and the author knows what he is talking about : I've been trough too many books where the author had clearly only read LOTR and The Hobbit before proclaiming himself a specialist and writing books about Tolkien. I hate those books.


A light reading, but not really unforgettable. I borrowed it at the library and I don't think I will buy it.