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Le Manoir - book one

Liam et la carte d'éternité (Le Manoir Tome 1) - Evelyne Brisou-Pellen

Thank God, we still have good YA authors in France !

This has not been translated so I will be brief : Liam is a boy who just recovered from a cancer. His parents send him in a manor (you guessed it : it's the title) where each resident is strange : one guy is saying that he is Leonidas, a girl is searching for a knight who lived ages ago...
Of course, we understand soon enough that everyone is dead, but has to complete a task before really going into heaven, or whatever you may call it. Liam is going to help each of them.

You can guess what's going to happen way before Liam, but it is well written, the characters are charming, and even the little love story did not get on my nerves (they usually do).
I can't wait to put my hands on book two.