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The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie

I had a lot of work lately, but I finally managed to get through the 700 pages of this book.

And I loved it. Last year I read "Best served cold", by the same author, and I loved it too. Abercrombie is great at creating unforgettable characters. I particularly like Glotka, an ancient soldier whose body is totally broken after being tortured, and who became some sort of loyal psychopath. And Logen, because I always like barbarians :D

To tell the truth, I actually feel like the whole book is just a setting up of the story (but it's not boring. I never felt bored. Not once). Wars are coming, and a magician, Bayaz, is trying to... Well, it's not clear what he's really trying to do, but during the whole book he's trying to gather some people to help him. After seeing what he can do alone, I don't know why he needs other people to help him. I can't wait to know :)