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I particularly like fantasy, SF, Tolkien, Alice in Wonderland & Gaiman.

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— feeling bloody

or you can insert this little sound you can hear in Zelda when you open a treasure box

I've been waiting for a WHOLE MONTH and yet it was finally delivered. Neil ! Yay /o/

And it was exactly the right time for it to come, because my colleague is in holidays since three weeks, so I've been working full time, 39hours/week, I know many people are working much more but I'm just not used to it and I'm exhausted. And all the schools around here are freaking out and sending mails like "Hey, we still did not order those thousands different books for next term so can you do something about it ? Here, I'm sending you some random textbooks titles without giving you the edition number or even the school level but I'm sure you can guess. Can you answer tomorrow morning, knowing that it's 6 pm and you will be closed in half an hour ?"



But next week, I will go back to my 20hours/week (and I probably will take some holidays in August, still don't know when). AND I WILL LIE IN MY GARDEN WHILE READING GAIMAN.